Top 5 Fully Automatic Washing Machine Under 25,000 In India

Searching for the best fully automatic washing machines under 25000? If yes then you are at the correct place.

We have spent more than 50 to 80 hours and handpicked some of the best fully automatic washing machines in India 2020 to fit in your budget and meet your needs.  

Two types of washing machines available in the market, semi automatic and fully automatic. In semi automatic washing machines you have to do manual work of moving clothes from washer to dryer. Where in fully automatic washing machines you just need to power on, select the preset modes depending on the clothes and just relax.  

This way fully automatic washing machines saves lot of time and efforts.  

Automatic washing machines have two variants, Top loaders and Front loaders.  

Top loading washing machines are less expensive and easy to use. But, when it comes to functionality, the front loading washing machines are superior than the with many features.  

Top loading washing machines start from Rs. 10,000 and goes up to 60,000 Rupees. Whereas, front-loaders begin from Rs. 20,000 and can go up to 1,30,000  

The front loading washing machines are higher in price but value for money because of their features.  

Check out our list of top 5 best fully automatic washing machines under Rs.25,000 (Top and Front Loading). We assure you that our buying guide will definitely help you in selecting right washing machine for your family.  

List of Top 5 Best Fully Automatic Washing Machines in India 2020

Best Front Load Washing Machines

IFB Washing machine:

IFB washing machine IFB was a well known front-load washing machine company. In 2000, this company released its first automatic washing machine. Since, this company had already achieved a huge appreciation in the market, it was very easy for this company to manufacture the washing machine that would be known for its excellent washing features.

If you ask us what are the best washing machines in India worth a single penny is, then it is the IFB Senator Aqua front loader. The 3D wash and air bubble technologies clean your clothes without decreasing their shininess.

People generally avoid machines because they feel it will damage the appearance of the clothes. But, it’s not true, if you purchase the washing machine from renowned companies like IFB, it’s Aqua energy, built-in water filter which vitalizes the water and removes the detergent smoothly. If you see the wash programs, this washing rank at the top, it has a special wash program, Cradle wash, which treats sensitive clothes like chiffon, lace, and satin with care. And how can we forget to mention its laundry add option? It allows individuals to add missed laundries in the middle of the washing.

People who are looking for the best front loading washing machine that clean their expensive clothes with care, then purchase this.

Other Notable Features Include:

  • It’s 100 wash programs- for 100 clothing types and conditions.
  • Within 15-30 minutes, your clothes will be washed smoothly.
  • It comes with a voltage protection feature that immediately stops the washing cycle whenever the voltage fluctuates.
  • If you are a mom of two small children, then buy this machine. Because It comes with a child lock.
  • Foam control- detects foam level.
  • It comes with a dryer.
  • If you put a lot of clothes in this machine, it will alert you.

What we like:

  • This machine’s capacity is 8 Kg, which is sufficient for the four to five members’ families.
  • Aqua Energie is a powerful feature that deeply removes the detergent from the clothes.
  • You can even add your expensive and soft clothes to the washing list. Because it comes with a cradle feature.
  • Quick washing facility.
  • A IFB front load washing machine is highly affordable.
  • Four years plus guarantee is a welcome bonus for the purchasers.

What we like:

  • We don’t like its customer service at all.
  • Noisy.

Final Verdict:

After seeing its features and functionality, it is somewhat similar to the bosch washing machine. If you are family, then 8 kg capacity and 1400 RPM washing speed can fulfill your washing goals.

LG 6-KG Fully Automatic Washing Machine:

If you ask us which are the most trusted household brands in India, we will say LG. Besides, the excellent features and functionality of the machines, it’s round the clock customer care service is remarkable. The LG front load washing machine offers you superior cleaning performance. It’s 1000 RPM speed and six motion drive technology, which is sufficient to clean the clothes effectively. Users like you want a noise-free cleaning experience.

This washing machine comes with the latest inverter direct drive technology that causes less vibration. We love its baby care program that offers intensive care for soft clothes. This fully automatic washing machine is integrated with a smart diagnosis system as well. If you are looking for the washing machine that washes the mud and stains out within 15-25 minutes, then buy this.

Other Notable Features Include:

  • It’s exciting to feature fuzzy logic that detects the amount of dirt and soap and adjusts spin cycle with time.
  • The features of this machine is some what similar to marq washing machine.
  • After a power failure, it restarts automatically.
  • Tub clean- water temperature 95’c, which is enough to clean stains and bad odor.
  • Child lock- disable the control panel.

What we like:

  • We hate the noise of the vibration. Thanks to LG washing machine 8 KG that comes with inverter direct drive technology.
  • Smart diagnosis app.
  • Automatic cleaning experience.
  • Fuzzy logic offers you a convenient option to the users while washing clothes.
  • Well, 2 years guarantee is enough, because LG washing machines run longer.
  • Baby care and crease care clean your clothes gently.
  • Even though it is expensive. But you are going to save a lot in an electricity bill.

What we don’t like:

  • It will take 30 minutes to clean the clothes.
  • Repairing is expensive.
  • Washing machine LG price is also high.

Final Verdict:

LG always impresses its customers by launching innovative and advanced technology-based products. Whether we talk about lg top load washing machine or front load, we all have the capacity to clean the clothes with care. For a modern smart family that has not more than 3 members can buy this machine.


Samsung 6 KG Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine:

When it comes to home appliances, this company has always put effort on maintaining the standard of quality. It’s products run longer and are highly affordable. Samsung fully automatic washing machine comes with 1000 RPM that takes only 15-30 minutes to wash the clothes. If your life is very busy and you don’t want to waste your weekend on washing clothes, then use its quick washing feature.

We assure you that you can put your expensive clothes in this machine without any worry of losing color or newness. It comes with diamond drums and a unique soft-curl design, which clean your clothes gently.

The Samsung front load washing machine has an advanced digital motor that causes minimal noise. In addition, there is a powerful volt-controller that prevents your washing machine from damage due to voltage fluctuation. So, if you are looking for a small washing machine, then the Samsung automatic washing machine capacity of 6 KG is ideal for you.

Other Notable Features:

  • The Samsung machine top load or front load can handle up to 25% voltage deviation.
  • If you buy the washing machine that is not only effective in performance but also in design, this is the best for you.
  • It’s Aqua- Stop feature prevents water leakage.
  • Comes with touch buttons and intuitive wide display.

What we like:

  • The Samsung washing price is highly affordable.
  • Diamond drums wash your clothes with extra care.
  • Ceramic heater.
  • Automated cleaning feature.
  • Minimal noise.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Three years of warranty on the product.

What we don’t like:

  • Poor customer care services.
  • Higher power consumption.

The Final Verdict:

The cleaning quality of this automatic washing machine is remarkable. If you are looking for a machine that gently wash your clothes at affordable prices, buys it. A hassle-free cleaning experience is the only thing you will love about this machine.

Haier Fully Automatic Washing Machine:

Want to know which is the best selling fully automatic washing machine? It’s name is a Whirlpool washing machine. The features you will get in this machine is unmatchable. Under this price range, you will get the spin tub of 1000 RPM speed that effectively wash all types of dirt and oil. This washing machine is good for washing and drying. It causes lesser fictions during washing because smaller holes are located at the bottom. Many people have a fear of tuck and damage clothes.

But, this machine keeps fabric safe and cleans with extra care. If you are looking for a machine that quickly cleans your fabric within 10 minutes, then this washing machine is good for you. Quadra flow pulsator uses 4 small pulsators, which ensure a perfect cleaning process.

It comes with fuzzy logic control that first detects the laundry load that helps you to select the appropriate washing machine. The multi-segment display acknowledges you about every wash cycle. One of the best things about this new fully automatic washing machine is all these impressive features at affordable pricing.

Other Notable Features:

  • Child lock- Prevents your children from opening it.
  • Heavy and solid clothes easily get washed.
  • High-quality based body material.
  • Durable.
  • Requires less maintenance.

What we likes:

  • It’s 1000 RPM speed.
  • 10 min quick washing clothes.
  • Effective cleaning.
  • No noise.
  • Perfectly dry your clothes after washing.
  • 2 years warranty.

What we don’t like:

  • Everything is perfect at this cost price.
  • Bad customer care service.

Final Verdict:

The features and functionality of this machine are somewhat similar to the Panasonic washing machine. It’s ideal for small families, very lightweight, and offers perfect cleaning.

Whirlpool 7KG Fully Automatic Washing Machine:

Millions of consumers trust whirlpool home appliances. When you are in the market of washing machines, you cannot miss the Whirlpool brand. It’s 7 KG washing machine online is available at affordable pricing. The advanced features like spa wash system, 740 RPM speed, and 6th sense 123 technology washed your clothes with extra care. Its ZPF allows the tub to fill in 50% less time even when the water pressure is low for as 0.017 Mpa.

This fully automatic washing machine is energy efficient. If you are looking for the front load washing machine that gets your laundry done faster than buying this. It comes with a Sari wash program that perfectly cleans your clothes without damaging the color and newness.

Many people don’t know the adequate amount of the detergent, this washing machine comes with an auto detergent dispenser that acts smartly to determine the right amount of the detergent. Hard water seems to be a common problem in India, but this washing machine is equipped to tackle hard water problems. It converts hot water into soft water and offers an effective washing experience.

Other Notable Features Include:

  • Eye appealing design.
  • A Smart sensor acknowledges the low voltage and low water level.
  • A smart lint filter catches the lint from your clothes.

What we like:

  • Even if you wash the clothes in the hard water, it won’t lose colors.
  • 7 KG capacity is enough for the 4 members’ families.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Highly affordable.
  • Automated cleaning experience.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Auto detergent dispenser option.

What we don’t like:

  • Require lots of water.
  • Noisy

Final Verdict:

It is the best top load washing machine that effectively gathers all lints, fluffs from your sweater, jeans, and blankets with extra care. Unlike other cheap washing machines, it does its job perfectly.


The fully automatic washing machine offers you the convenience of washing different types of fabric with extra care. It saves your time and tackles different types of stains and oil in different types of clothes. Above-mentioned, the top fully automatic washing machines are excellent in functionality and available at cost-effective rates. If you want the best fully automatic washing machine that comes with ample washing programs, simply choose from the above-mentioned list.

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